“The most helpful aspect was having someone listen and understand the challenges I am facing and offering insights and asking questions out of their experience. I had my goals and strategies challenged, validated and clarified.”

– Pastor Kent Claussen Gubrud

“The most valuable aspect of my coaching experience was the first hand exchange by another pastor who understood what was going on and the ability to help me look at situations from other viewpoints.”

– Pastor Robert C. Toso

“The most valuable aspect of my coaching experience was discovering a new way of defining my role as a senior pastor. Specifically, I learned to use the gifts that I have to carry out my role rather than trying to imitate a different style less suited to my gifts.”

– Pastor Philip V. Peterson

“Most valuable of all has been the opportunity to sit with my coach around issues of church and parish ministry. His experience, wisdom, and incisive questions have been the most helpful – someone who ‘has been there’ with someone who ‘is there’ is invaluable.”

– Pastor Paul Pettersen

“My coach is a seasoned church professional with a genuine heart and caring for the church. He has been a kind and knowledgeable mentor to me.  I appreciate his thoughtful guidance.”

– Pastor Mark S. Johnson

“My coach and I complement each other very well. We first established a trust relationship and now have the assurance that we can challenge each other without either being offended as well a mutual affirmation.”

– Pastor LaDonna J. Ekern