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Coaching is one-on-one conversations with an experienced pastor who understands the complex challenges of pastoral ministry and is skilled at careful listening and asking helpful questions. This coaching relationship, driven by the pastor’s agenda, is dedicated to exploring both immediate issues and long range goals while providing personal support, a source of accountability and, when helpful, direction and guidance. Click here to see our Philosophy & Process of Coaching.

History of Coaching

Executive Coaching has a long history, rooted in the coaching of athletes and musicians to enable them to perform at their top level, some becoming "world class". Corporations have learned that a similar coaching relationship enables executives to provide highly effective leadership. The success of Executive Coaching over the last three decades has led to increasing numbers of corporations providing Coaches for their top leaders. 

Coaching and Church Leadership

The church has adopted the core principles of coaching as a primary means of leadership support for a variety of specific ministries as well as general parish ministry. Twin Cities based Clergy Coaches, one of the early coaching resources designed exclusively for pastors, began providing coaching in 2000. Pastors who have worked with a Coach consistently comment on the value the coaching has had for them both personally and professionally. (See “Clergy Comments”) Through more effective leadership, coaching has also benefited the congregations they serve and contributed to the building of a healthier church.

Clergy Coaches is…

  • Efficient – Coaching sessions are offered on the telephone allowing for maximum flexibility and efficient use of the Pastor's time. A coaching session is normally 30 minutes long and is generally scheduled every other week.
  • Focused on Performance – Coaching is intended to support Pastors in clarifying challenges, developing leadership effectiveness, and achieving the pastor’s professional goals. Coaching is not for Pastors in the midst of crisis.
  • Cost Effective –The cost of coaching for 12 sessions is $800 – much less than any comparable individual leadership resource. Some Synods and an increasing number of congregations are providing financial support. You may wish to talk with your Synod and/or congregation about your desire to work with a Coach. Contact us if you would like to request a scholarship of up to $400.
  • Confidential – The content of coaching is confidential.
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