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Q. Who are the Coaches?

Coaches are experienced Pastors who have demonstrated excellence in pastoral ministry and leadership, are committed to assisting others in developing pastoral leadership, and have received training in the skills and processes of coaching.    

Q. How do Pastors benefit from coaching?

Coaching provides the opportunity for Pastors to focus on specific leadership challenges, reflect on strategies and resources to meet these challenges, and identify and realize new possibilities for ministry.  The voice of a trusted colleague, trained in coaching, assists this discernment process of the Pastor seeking. 

Q. Why do busy Pastors work with Coaches?

The increased focus and clarity Pastors gain from working with a Coach often leads to more efficient and productive use of time, as well as increased effectiveness in ministry.

Q. Who may request a Coach?

Any Pastor of any denomination, whether serving a parish or in a specialized ministry setting, who wishes to further develop his or her pastoral leadership skills, may request a Coach. 

Q. May Pastors choose their Coach?

Yes, a Pastor may request a specific Coach. A list of our Coaches, accompanied by a brief biography, is available – just click on “Coach Bios”. If a Pastor does not have a request, a Coach will be recommended based on the Pastor's goals. A Pastor may also interview any of the Coaches. The availability of a specific Coach may depend on their current coaching schedule.

Q. How do I receive an application form or more information?

All applications are found under the left column “forms” section. Additional information can be obtained by contacting us.


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WhoWeAre AdvisoryBoard CoachBios Forms Resources ContactUs