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Profile / Coaching Readiness Indicator

The purpose of the Profile / Coaching Readiness Indicator is to give you and your Coach:

  1. an understanding of your motivation to be coached,
  2. your level of commitment to be fully engaged in the process, and
  3. clarification of the goals and objectives on which you would like to focus.

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Referred to Clergy Coaches by
   Self    Other:
Has the Informed Consent been signed and returned
   No    Yes, Dated: / /


Retaining a coach was my idea
   Yes    No
I am engaging the service of a Coach because
   I really want coaching and freely chose it
   I am not sure I want Coaching, but I think I need it
   I am not sure I want Coaching, but I've been told I need it
   Someone else has made the decision
My level of anxiety about being coached is
   low (in fact, I am enthused and excited)
   moderately low
   moderately high
   high (this may be the dumbest thing I have ever done)
At the beginning of Coaching, I am likely to be
   open and honest with my Coach
   moderately open and honest with my Coach
   somewhat defensive and guarded
   very defensive and guarded


  Preliminary Coaching Objectives:


What three (3) things about your life would you like to be different?
What is your most important short-term goal?
What is your most important long-term goal?
Describe in a few words your ideal personal and professional life five years from now
What values do you hold that guide and enhance your life?
What holds you back from more fully uncovering and realizing more of your talents?
What expectations do you have of your Coach?