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Informed Consent Form

As you consider entering a Coaching relationship, it is important to understand what coaching is and what it is not.

Coaching is only one of several sources of insight and information that should be considered in understanding yourself and aiding you in actions and decision making — decisions that need to be ultimately based upon your own best judgement.

Coaching is not mental health counseling or therapy. Coaches are not trained to address diagnosable mental health disorders.

Coaching is a resource for further developing your personal strengths and professional leadership abilities and for supporting future accomplishments. The coaching process involves visioning future possibilities, developing a process for achieving the vision, identifying internal and external barriers, developing strategies for overcoming these barriers and recognizing accomplishments.

The coaching process is confidential. Details of coaching sessions will not be shared with anyone (members of your congregation, the Synod, or others) unless you choose to tell them or specific exceptions are legally required (such as a threat to harm one’s self or others).

By signing this form, you acknowledge that you fully understand the nature of the coaching process, its purpose and consequences, and have read the provisions of this statement of informed consent.

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